Introduction | Python in 30 Minutes

Did your teacher make absolutely no sense? Couldn't focus in class? Stressed for your upcoming exam?

Perfect, you're in the right place. Sit back, relax, and let me teach you everything in 30 minutes!

The goal

I will give you all the Python knowledge you need for your upcoming exam in the shortest amount of time.

Throughout this guide, we'll be covering the following topics:

Why learn here?

I was "behind enemy lines" for 2 years as a teacher assistant for an undergraduate-level coding course. I know exactly what you need to be prepared for!

Picture of the author, Adam Wise
Adam Wise, Author of Coding for Crammers

Over my time as a teacher assistant, I gathered the most effective teaching methods to make Python concepts stick. Not only that, but I have extensive experience with Python, having coded everything from a simple mortgage calculator program to a REST API.

Ultimately, I've been in your shoes. I entered my first coding class as a complete beginner only 3 years ago, so I'm familiar with your current level of understanding and know exactly what you need in order to pass your Python exam.

The plan

Each article in this series, I'm going to...

1) Explain the concept with simple, real-world explanations.
2) Show you how to apply that concept in Python.
3) Give you a practice problem to solidify what you just learned.

Why do it this way?

First, I want to put these Python concepts in terms that a 3rd grader would understand. That way, there's no doubt it will make sense to you before we start coding.

Second, practice makes perfect. I want to show you how to apply what you've learned!

Python Follow-along Guide

It's no secret you retain info better when you write it down. That's why I created the Python Follow-along Guide for you!

As you come upon key concepts highlighted in yellow, like this sentence here, you can fill-in-the-blanks on your Python Follow-along Guide so that you remember all the important stuff for later!

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Setting up your Python environment

We'll be using to code along throughout this guide.

Need help setting up your trinket? Click here!

If you already have a Python environment that you prefer using, then don't worry about this. You'll still be able to follow-along!

Start Learning!

print() Function


Learn how to print content in your output, similar to writing on a Post-it Note.

input() Function


Learn how to use input() and variables while asking for someone's favorite color.



Learn how to use concatenation with a simple Thank You Note template.



Learn how conditionals work with a simple button machine.

While loops


Learn how to code a while loop by simply counting from 0 to 3.

For loops


Learn how to code a for loop by taking attendance for a class.

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