Practice Excel Exam 2

Module 1 - Multiple Spreadsheets

  1. Open the "Excel Cram Kit (Test #2) - Multiple Sheets.xlsx" file.
  2. Select the Sigma Apple Pi sheet and then group all 3 worksheets (Sigma Apple Pi through Alpha Beta Chi). Then, complete the following:
    • Auto Fill the rest of the "Day _" values in A4:A6 so that the row titles contain Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.
    • In row 7 use the SUM function to compute the total recruits that hung out in each room during Meet the Brothers. Then, in column E do the same for each of the days. Make sure to include an overall total in cell E7.
    • Format B4:E7 to have a dotted inner border. (HINT: Make sure to check out the "More Border Options")
    • Format A3:E7 to have Thick Box Border.
  3. Ungroup the worksheets and ensure that your formatting was applied to all of them.
  4. Make a copy of the Sigma Apple Pi worksheet and change the name to "Totals". Place this worksheet at the end of the workbook.
  5. Change the title in cell A1 to "Total Recruits for all Chapters".
  6. Remove the values in B4:D6.
  7. Write a 3-D cell reference using the SUM function to total all of the recruits for all fraternities in Room 1 on Day 1.
    • HINT #1: Do not individually select each value in each of the worksheets, which will result in =SUM('Sigma Apple Pi'!B4, 'Tri Deltoids'!B4, 'Alpha Beta Chi'!B4)
    • HINT #2: Don't create a formula that adds up each of the values individually, which would result in ='Sigma Apple Pi'!B4 + 'Tri Deltoids'!B4 + 'Alpha Beta Chi'!B4
  8. Copy this formula through all of the days and all of the rooms.
  9. Save and close the file.

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