Module 1 Explanation


Your Documentation worksheet should look like so:

Your Posters & Co. worksheet should look like so:


1. Finish the instructions in the Sheet1 sheet.

To rename, right click the worksheet, select "Rename", then typing "Documentation".

To enter your first and last name on different lines, type your first name, then press both Alt + Enter, then type your last name. (Mac users, you may need to do Option + Enter).

To type the date into cell B4, we can either manually enter it or utilize the TODAY() function, which returns your current date.


Because unless you time traveled back to 9/16/21, the TODAY() function is going to return your current day.

Go to "File" > "Save".

2. Navigate to the Posters & Co. sheet and complete the given instructions.

Highlight each of the columns and then right click, then select "Column Width" and then set to desired value.

For Auto Fitting the columns, highlight all the columns needed to auto fit, then double click the line between any of the highlighted columns. They will automatically fit to the column width to the data.

To Auto Fit the rows, highlight them all and then click the line between any of the highlighted rows. This will auto fit the row height to the data.

The first step is to type "Total" into I3.

Once we do that, we need to determine the formula to use for calculating the total order amount. Luckily, they give us that formula:

total = (# of Posters x Price per Poster) + Shipping

Let's solve this for cell I4 first. The # of Posters for the order in row 4 is "3" in cell F4.

total = (F4 x Price per Poster) + Shipping

Next, the Price per Poster is "$9.99" in cell G4.

total = (F4 x G4) + Shipping

Lastly, Shipping is "$5.50" in cell H4.

total = (F4 x G4) + H4

Based on this, we will plug the following into Excel...

=(F4 * G4) + H4

...which will yield the following result:

Next, we'll copy down this formula in I4 to I8 like so:


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