Practice Excel Exam 1

Module 1

  1. Finish the instructions in the Sheet1 sheet.
  2. Navigate to the Posters & Co. sheet and complete the given instructions.
  3. In Posters & Co., make the following changes:
    • Change Maslin Lester's "Shipping" value to $3.25 in cell H8.
    • Modify Samantha Tin's number of orders from 10 to 9 in cell F6.
    • Change Joe Smith's "Price per Poster" to $10.50 in cell G4.
  4. Insert a new row above Maslin Lester with the following data:
    • Date: 6/11/19
    • First: Bailey
    • Last: Jones
    • Phone: 281-285-6849
    • Email: baileyjones@gmail.com
    • # of Posters: 5
    • Price per Poster: $11.35
    • Shipping: $7.25
  5. In J4 write a formula to determine the Date of Shipping. This is determined by adding 4 business days to the order date in column A. Autofill it for the rest of the rows.
  6. Save your file!

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