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SUMPRODUCT explained

Say you're going to a concert with your 3 best friends: Drake, Josh, and Megan. Since your hefty paycheck just came in, you decide to treat your friends and pay for everything. This includes tickets and different kinds of merch.

You decide you should probably prep your wallet and attempt to predict the prices of everything for the night.

Ticket: $125
Shirt: $35
Hat: $15

However, you know that Josh won't want a shirt, and that everyone but Megan will want a hat, Drake will want 2 shirts, and you're going to want 3 shirts for your siblings... and so on. It quickly becomes complicated, and you realize that you should probably just create a rundown of how much of each you'll be purchasing.

Using the above table and a SUMPRODUCT function, we can easily determine how much this entire night out is going to cost you! That's because...

SUMPRODUCT multiplies the first, second, third, etc. values of each array and then sums the products together.


Understanding a SUMPRODUCT is the tough party. Luckily, the easy part is coding it!

Here is the template for the SUMPRODUCT function:


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