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Excel tables explained

It's summertime, and you've decided you want this next year to be killer. Time to kickstart your Party Planning Committee!

With you taking the lead role, you decided to get a lineup of some potential ideas for this semester:

While this is a good list of parties, the table itself does not look visually appealing. Josie is going to want the table to be her favorite color, green, and Josh is gonna be upset if you don't give him this list of parties in alphabetical order (what an absolute nerd). Not only that, but Mallory is going to want to know which ones she'll need to dress up for, and Jeff will throw a fit if he's dropping too much cash this semester.

To accommodate all these requests, we can utilize an Excel table and easily format/design our table to match specifications!

Excel tables have regular table functionality, but include many features that enable you to customize your table without needing to code more.

Coding a table

Creating Excel tables is the easiest part of using them. To convert our party table above into an Excel table, all I'd need to do is highlight it, then click "Insert" > "Table".

Now, let's start addressing each of our friends' requests.

Selecting a design

First step is to make this table green to that Josie will give it a chance.


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