VLOOKUP | CSE 148 – Excel Exam 1

VLOOKUP explained

Let's say Valentine's Day is coming up and you're the rare mix between a chick-magnet and a spreadsheet-nerd. Since you've got absolute game, you've been talking to a good amount of girls recently. With the holiday coming up, you want to pick a special someone to give flowers to and take out to dinner.

Your mixture of flirtatious skills and Excel wizardry has enabled you to create a spreadsheet of each of these girls you're talking to with each of their favorite flowers.

Within this spreadsheet, you've listed your love interests vertically.

Use VLOOKUP to look for a specific value within a row of a vertically-oriented table.

Coding a VLOOKUP function

Let's say you decide to take out Lilly and give her some flowers for your special Valentine's date. Using our vertically-oriented table, we can see she has an ID of 561.


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