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ROUND explained

Simply put, the ROUND function enables us to round numbers. That's it.

So if we had the following number:

I could round it to 2 decimal places using the ROUND function:

The ROUND function allows us to round a given number to a specific decimal place.

Coding a ROUND function

Let's first check out the ROUND function template, and then apply it.

=ROUND(number, num_digits)

In the above situation, we wanted to round 5.6324...

=ROUND(5.6324, num_digits) 2 decimal places.

=ROUND(5.6324, 2)

When we plug this into Excel, we get the same output as we got on the calculator!

It's important to remember...

The num_digits argument doesn't represent the total number of digits, it represents the number of digits after the decimal point!

For example, if we wanted to round to a whole number, all we'd need to do is place a "0" as the second argument, signifying we want 0 digits after the decimal point.

Practice problem

Round the number 17.91635 to 3 decimal places.

=ROUND(B1, B2)

Answer: 17.916

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