Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Crammer Nation

What is Crammer Nation?

Crammer Nation is a course-customized, on-demand study resource accessible to students anywhere, at any time.

Why is Crammer Nation so effective?

Throughout years of experience tutoring students the night before their exams, we found one thing in common: they often all have the same exact concepts they still hadn’t grasped.

We’ve compiled the explanations to students' common questions into our online study resources!

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t feel comfortable raising your hand in class, had too busy of a schedule to find time to get in-person tutoring, or simply procrastinated studying until the night before your exam. By utilizing Crammer Nation, you’ll get the study help you need for your exam in a format that works for you!

What universities does Crammer Nation provide help for?

Currently, we are centralized at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

If you or someone you know is enrolled at a different university and needs study help, please encourage them to fill out our Contact form!

What courses does Crammer Nation provide resources for?

We provide study resources for the following Farmer School of Business Common Core Courses:

For a list of all Farmer Common Core Courses, click this link and scroll down to "Common Core of Business Courses".

Our Resources

What study resources does Crammer Nation provide?

For each exam that a student faces, we provide them with a Cram Kit, which is packed with the following resources:

  • Practice Exam
  • Nerd Notes
  • Concept Breakdowns

What are Practice Exams?

At Crammer Nation, we believe that practice makes perfect!

That's why we give our users exam-accurate practice problems to go through, accompanied with step-by-step walkthroughs.

That way, if a student is confused how to solve a problem that'll be on their exam, they have the guidance to learn how to solve it!

Within these practice problems that we write, we aim to include pop-culture or humorous references to encourage more retention and engagement as the students are studying.

For example, refer to Question #1 of the Python Cram Kit below where we help students understand concatenation and conditionals through a humorous “Instagram clout level” Python program.

What are Nerd Notes?

Nerd Notes are fill-in-the-blank worksheets that correspond to the highlighted, key points throughout the Concept Breakdowns.

Check out how our Python Nerd Notes look below!

Python Nerd Notes image

What are Concept Breakdowns?

Within Concept Breakdowns, we take each core concept covered on the exam and break it down with a straightforward, real-world situation.

For example, in the Python Concatenation article, we explain how concatenation is similar to writing birthday gift Thank You notes to relatives and placing each relative’s name in a pre-written note.

The general structure of each of these concept breakdowns are as follows:

  1. Explain the concept in a real-world example
  2. Show how to apply the real-world example
  3. Provide a practice problem to solidify understanding

Who builds Crammer Nation resources?

We hire tutors, teacher assistants, and student experts to write our study resources. By utilizing their extensive experience helping other students, these writers are able to include all the common misunderstandings that most students run into when preparing for an exam.

Interested in writing for us? Fill out our Contact form and we'll be in touch with you shortly!

Our written content goes through multiple iterations and must pass a stringent approval process to ensure that we maintain consistent quality in all of our study resources.

How are Crammer Nation resources built?

To ensure that our resources are relevant to problems that students will face in-class and on their exams, we gather historically used homework problems, exam reviews, practice exams, etc. and format our content based on historically-used course resources.

To maintain academic integrity, these course resources are never copied word-for-word. Rather, they are re-engineered to provide the student with new, additional practice problems that are still relevant to their exam!

Does Crammer Nation provide in-person tutoring?

Currently, we do not. Almost all relevant questions can be answered through our online study resources. For specific questions, feel free to direct message us on Instagram (@crammer.nation) or utilize our Contact form.

Academic Integrity

We take high importance in ensuring that our resources respect Miami's Academic Dishonesty rules. We have reviewed Miami's principles, and believe our resources are within the bounds of said-principles. If you have any questions concerning this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our Contact form! We would be happy to hear from you!

All content is custom-built.

All of our content goes through a stringent review policy in which we validate our content never copies word-for-word the questions & answers on students’ actual exams.

Akin to in-person tutoring, we walk our Crammers through custom-built problems and situations to help prepare them for their exams.

We do not sell, distribute, or publish any student work from academic assignments.

Can I upload files from one of my courses?

Yes, you can! However...

If the assignment is graded and your professor has indicated not to share it, then don't!

This abides by the principles of "Gaining an unfair advantage" outlined in Miami's definition of Academic Dishonesty.

Still unsure what to / to not upload? Refer to the below graphic for clarity.

Got any files that you want Crammer Nation to take a look at? Upload them below!

Are students required to utilize Crammer Nation to pass their exams?

No, Crammer Nation is a supplemental, optional study resource for those who feel they could use the extra help for their exam(s).