Say you're watching the Super Bowl with your friends, and some of you decided to bet on the game.

Before the game, everyone's name was written on a whiteboard with how much of their money was on the line. If you decided you didn't want to gamble, your excuse was written next to your name instead of a dollar amount.

Out of this list, if we wanted to easily figure out how many people actually bet on the game, we could use a COUNT function!

COUNT returns the count of numbers in a given list of values/cells. It does not include blank spaces or text in the result.

Coding a COUNT

Let's transfer the whiteboard above onto an Excel spreadsheet:

Now, let's reference the COUNT template and apply it to our Excel sheet.

=COUNT(number1, [number2]...)

For our number1 and number2 we'll just click and drag our mouse over all the betting values on the spreadsheet in column B.


Perfect! This shows us that out of all our friends, 13 of them decided to place money on the Super Bowl game.