Bank error

Question: On April 31st, 2022, Hats LLC has a Cash balance of $800. Over the course of the month, they wrote $10,000 in checks, but $200 of those checks haven’t been processed by CashForDays bank. In addition, $170 out of their $20,000 in cash receipts still needs to be deposited in CashForDays Bank.

However, on their bank statement, it shows a Cash Balance of $850 and includes the following items not yet recorded by the company: a note receivable collected by the bank for $200, interest earned on that note of $20, and a bank service fee of $50. In addition, the bank accidentally charged Hats LLC $50 for a service fee that was meant to be on another customer’s account. Lastly, one of Hats LLC customer’s checks for $100 returned back with non-sufficient funds.

Prepare the bank reconciliation to correct the ending Cash Balance on April 31st, 2022.

This phrase is dealing with a mistake made by the bank in regards to their record of the company's cash balance. Therefore, it'll correspond to the Bank's Cash Balance.

Will it add or subtract from the company's or bank's side of bank reconciliation?

Bank's Cash Balance Items

Reconciling ItemDescriptionAdd or Subtract to Cash Balance?
Deposits outstandingDeposits made by the company, not recorded by the bank yet.Add
Checks outstandingChecks written by the company, not recorded by the bank yet.Subtract
Bank errorBank accidentally charges (or forgets to charge) the company.Add / Subtract (it depends)

First, let's determine whether or not we're dealing with a deposit or payment. The bank wrote a $50 service fee under the company's cash balance... this is a payment.

Next, let's determine if the amount written was more or less than what it should've been. In this case... the bank shouldn't have wrote anything under the company's cash balance. So $50 is more than what it should've been.

So... the bank wrote a payment for the company for more than what it should've been. Therefore, we need to add this bank error back to the cash balance!

We can add this bank error of $50 back to the Bank's Cash Balance like so!

Bank's Cash Balance

Per Bank Statement$850
Deposits outstanding$170
Checks outstanding($200)
Bank error$50
Bank Balance per Reconciliation???

Company's Cash Balance

Per General Ledger$800
Company Balance per Reconciliation???