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[Solved] What's the difference between WHERE and HAVING?


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How can I know when to use WHERE vs. when to use HAVING? What do both of these statements achieve?

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Both WHERE and HAVING are statements that you'll utilize to filter.


You'll utilize WHERE to filter based off of field value.

For example, if we had a table of people and their favorite colors (represented with a field called "fav_color"), and we wanted to only view people with the favorite color of "Red", we'd write the following WHERE statement:

WHERE fav_color = "Red"


You'll utilize HAVING to filter based off of aggregate function value.

For example, if we had a table of every city's gas prices (represented with a field called "price_of_gas") and wanted to filter for states in which the average gas price was below $3.50, we'd use the following HAVING statement:

HAVING AVG(price_of_gas) < 3.50

Notice how with this HAVING statement, we're not filtering based off of the field price_of_gas, but instead we're filtering based off the aggregate function AVG(price_of_gas)! That's why we're using a HAVING statement here!

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