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Cramming for an exam the night before? We've all been there. And while it'd be nice to have your professor on speed dial to answer your "should've-asked-this-at-the-start-of-the-unit" questions, they're likely not available during your late night study session. We're here to help!


"It was so clutch and I am extremely happy I used this system. Without it, I may have failed my ACC 221 exam. I also bought the BUS 104 one and they both worked wonders for me. Highly recommend 10/10!!! I have told many of my friends about it!"

Parker Kufel (3/13/2023)

"The SQL Cram Kit was the best thing I could’ve done before my exam. It takes practice and more practice to be good at coding and that is what I needed."

Andrew Green (10/29/2020)

"The ISA 225 Cram Kit was so helpful and gave me a better understanding of the material on the exam! I like how it broke each section down, even the parts that may have seemed easy to understand."

Halle Lieffers (3/13/2023)

"I bought this the day before my BUS 104 Python exam, I was so lost and with this I was able to understand all of the topics and did super well on my exam! This is a must buy."

Grace Gannon (10/11/2021)

"As someone who struggled with Excel, I was looking for other tools to study for my CSE 148 tests. I bought Crammer Nation the night before the exam, and it helped me tremendously. It provided step by step explanations for all the units covered in class. Crammer Nation has given me the confidence to ace all of my CSE exams!!"

Matt Lamanna (10/24/2021)

"Bought this 3 days or so before my BUS 104 SQL exam without really knowing a thing beyond the basics. This taught me a lot in just a couple days and saved me from doing poorly on an exam that I needed to do well on. I 100% recommend purchasing this. It's worth the money."

William Roman (4/18/2021)

"I thought that the way the concepts were explained made it significantly easier to apply the CSE 148 functions/formulas to the problems I was faced with in class and during exams. The analogies also helped me wrap my mind around concepts much easier than other online sources or the activities I was given in class."

Michael Thomas (3/13/2023)

"Very helpful and simple. I had no clue what I was doing the day before my BUS 104 exam but this made me actually understand the material."

Spencer Chippi (3/8/2021)

"Adam does an amazing job of breaking down each practice question piece by piece. I used it for BUS 104, and even if you were a little bit nervous about your coding skills (like I was), Crammer Nation will give you all the necessary tools to succeed. 10/10 would recommend for anyone to purchase before an exam."

Justin Klotz (3/16/2021)

"Extremely helpful and insightful. Was able to give us similar problems to what we use in class and thoroughly explain each step in the process of solving. I was blown away with the videos and the ability to explain what is going on at a simple level. Highly recommend!"

Jack Whelan (3/8/2021)

"The CSE 148 Excel Cram Kit was extremely helpful! I loved how each task was walked through and the Kit made all the course content much less overwhelming!"

Anna Cerroni (3/9/2021)

"Purchased this the day before my BUS 104 SQL exam with very little knowledge or confidence in what I had learned in class. Crammer Nation totally saved me from doing poorly on my exam. I would 100% recommend buying it either if you were in my situation or just want some more efficient practice."

Nick Brunenavs (10/31/2020)

"Crammer Nation helped me secure an A on my BUS 104 Python exam!! The videos did a great job preparing me for exam questions with the practice I needed. Adam does an extremely thorough job of explaining all the key concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Thank you #CrammerNation!"

Bethany Eckman (3/15/2021)

"I liked the lay out and the review videos, I will be using it again for my second ACC 221 exam."

Ella Schum (3/13/2023)

"My experience using Crammer Nation was very positive and it was easy to navigate. The videos and notes within each section made it really easy to learn the material. The practice exam at the end of the course also allowed me to test my knowledge and I continued to redo it until I knew what I was doing. Overall the BUS 104 Python Cram Kit saved my grade and allowed for me to fully understand python."

Abigail Cornwell (3/13/2023)

"I loved how organized it was! SO easy to follow and I felt so much more prepared for my ACC 221 exam!"

Anna Cerroni (3/9/2023)

"Lifesaver for me. I bought this a day before my BUS 104 SQL exam and did this alongside reviewing labs and after reviewing both of these, I finally felt prepared for the exam."

Jack Pleiman (11/7/2021)

"It helped me a lot with understanding what concepts are most prominent on my ACC 221 exam and and also how to properly go through the problem-solving process."

Justin Dinh (4/7/2023)

"Bought this the night before my exam and it definitely helped me understand and get a better grade! 10/10 recommend. Just go buy it! You won't regret it!"

Whitley Calder (3/15/2021)

"I was very nervous for our first BUS 104 exam and I hadn't studied for it until the night before with this Cram Kit. Thank God for it because it literally saved my grade!"

Kristyn Kasler (3/8/2021)

"I got this review for my second CSE 148 exam after not doing so well on the first one, and it was so helpful! Will definitely be using again in the future."

Erin Graham (10/26/2021)

"Awesome website. Really breaks the information down in a great way. I would highly recommend!"

Kyle Gray (3/8/2021)

"I bought Crammer Nation the night before my BUS 104 Python exam. I was overwhelmed with the content I needed to study. The Cram Kit simply broke down concepts in a digestible way. This allowed me to obtain more information quickly. I felt more confident and comfortable going into my exam because of Crammer Nation."

Brooklyn Chrisman (3/13/2023)

"Honestly would not of been able to complete my BUS 104 Python exam with out Crammer Nation. I will 100% be buying again for the next exam. It is worth every cent."

Lucy Bain (3/8/2021)

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